Trash Pickup Questions

You may have questions about our trash, recycling and junk pickup services. RWB Disposal wants to answer any question you might have! If you have a question that’s not covered below, please Contact RWB Disposal and we’ll get back to you quickly!

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Questions you might have about RWB Disposal’s trash and recycling collection…

Yes! We build the price of the can in to the price (no hidden fees). We use our cans as the trucks can pick them up without breaking them.

We now offer THREE sizes of cans! Same price, any size.

For one or two person households, we recommend either the 35 gallon or 64 gallon cans.
They’re lighter alternatives for those with less trash to wheel to the curb.

Four or more people may want to choose our larger 96 gallon can.

No matter your selection – we’ll pick it up for the same low monthly rate!

different size RWB trash cans

First, make sure you’re in a county we service here in Virginia. If you are, just head over to our sign up form by clicking here or on the Sign Up button at the top of any page! We’ll be in contact to let you know when your can will be delivered(at no charge) and what day you can expect your trash service to begin!

Payments can be made online via credit card (we have no fee for paying by credit card) or you can call in or send a check.
We do not charge an extra fee to pay by credit card online.

Your trash/recycling collection service can generally start within a week of signing up!

Our routes start at 5am, so it’s best to bring your can out the night before.

Here’s a sample placement for your trashcans. This will make sure collection is safe and efficient!
The handles and wheels on the can should face away from the road.

Please do not include the following in your garbage to be collected:

  • Hazardous materials
  • Ashes (once cooled, these can be used for your garden!)
  • Batteries
  • Televisions/Monitors

Yes! We will notify by email, our Facebook page, Instagram & a banner on our website front page

First, we’re sorry to see you go and we want to thank you for using our service!
Discontinuing service is simple and just like with the rest of our service, it’s hassle-free .

Let us know by the end of your billing quarter and we will pick up your cans. No extra fees, no hassle.
If you’re in a situation where you need to discontinue because you’re moving but don’t have the exact date, call us to let us know then keep us updated so we know when your cans can be collected.