RWB Disposal’s trash collection service includes delivery and use of a trash can! Our large, wheeled gray trashcans pictured below have a distinctive red lid, are emblazoned with the RWB Disposal logo and give you the freedom to easily wheel your trash from your house to the curb! Now you don’t have to try to drag and guide awkward, round trashcans; just use our wheeled cans instead. We offer three different sizes of trashcan and you can choose which you’d like, and you get the same low price no matter which you use! This is one more way RWB Disposal makes dealing with your refuse easier!

Prompt trash removal is necessary to ensure a clean environment and safety for both residents and animals. RWB Disposal’s collection of waste materials and recyclable items plays an important role in the cleanliness and sustainability of our community in the Shenandoah Valley. At RWB Disposal, we feel it’s our responsibility to help ensure clean, sanitary neighborhoods, and to conserve resources of the residents.

If you have questions about RWB Disposal’s trash pickup service, be sure to check out our often-updated FAQ page with common questions our customers have!

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Now You Can Choose Your Can Size!

Same Price – Any Size!

RWB Disposal's different sizes of trashcans

RWB Disposal’s trash collection service gives you the freedom to choose your trashcan size! That’s right, one price for pickup of one can in your choice of can size.

If you only have a couple of bags of trash each week, or can weight may be a difficulty, we offer 35 gallon cans.
For one or two people, you may want our 64 gallon can. These cans are smaller, lighter and can be easier to roll if you have uneven or difficult ground between your house and curbside.

For residences with 3 or more people, we’ll recommend our 96 gallon can. These cans hold a lot of trash! When fully loaded, they are heavier than our other options, but allow for much more trash to be collected at your curb. When comparing with other trash companies, be sure to ask the size of the trash cans or containers they use! Some use “bins” that hold far less than our large cans, and some even charge for delivery or use of their trashcan. Our service includes delivery and use of one of our three sizes – up to 96 gallons!

When you sign up, just select which can you’d like to use,  and RWB Disposal will accommodate your trash pickup needs!

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