Frederick County Trash Service

96 gallon trash can with price tag

Several towns and cities in Frederick County, VA, such as Winchester and Stephens City, use collected tax dollars to pay for regular trash pickup. If you don’t live in these cities or towns, you’ve traditionally had to haul your own trashcans to the landfill or a convenience center if there happens to be one near you. This requires planning, an available vehicle and usually results in trash and/or odor in your vehicle. If bags are torn or a container spills, you’ve got more work to deal with. If weather’s been bad, you have to deal with muddy ground and cleaning it out of your vehicle when you return home.

Now there’s a better alternative to time-consuming, messy trips to the dumpsters!

RWB Disposal offers Frederick County trash service! Yes, even though you may live outside of a town or city, we offer affordable monthly plans to stop by weekly and pick up trash from your curb or at your back door. You might be used to hauling your own trash, but you can take the load(and the smell) out of your car and let RWB Disposal haul your trash for you! Your car and passengers will thank you. You’ll also get a little bit of your weekend back since you don’t have to make a trash run.

The cost of our standard weekly Frederick County trash service includes free use of one of our 96 gallons! No need to haul your residential cans to the curb. Our large trash cans have wheels and a built in handle to make for much easier movement. We can use smaller trucks for out of the way areas that may not have larger roads meant to carry our large trash trucks. Contact RWB Disposal to haul your trash!

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